opzioni digitali truffa o no Digital and mobile influence have been the driving force for increasing retail spends and purchases. Market surveys and studies have consistently showed that digitally influenced customers buy more and are 20% more likely to convert as against those who do not use such services. Adopting enterprise Nexgen for retail processes can drive sales revenues by as much as 17-25% for retail organizations. Physical stores are rapidly getting irrelevant and are fighting for survival. For retailers, the secret to success lies in how soon can they capitalize on digital technologies and connect with their customers in an omni-channel environment and give a personalized shopping experience. The ever-growing need and demand for shoppers to be able to engage with retailers across different physical and online channels is driving retailers to invest in connected technologies and agile processes. Increasingly the focus is shifting to shopper-centric merchandizing and creating a unique buying experience powered by buying data collected through different channels and aggregated to provide actionable buyer insights and trends.


Services We Offer :

  • Saving costs by reducing heavy investments in IT
  • Improving sales cycle by better enabling the sales force
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction by accelerating response times
  • Easy access to business reports for management
  • Improved employee productivity & availability
  • Real-time data accessibility

Services We Offer :

1. Digital Signage

  • In-store product demo kiosks

2. Supply Chain Management

  • LBS apps for fleet vehicles
  • Barcode printing & scanning solutions

3. Payment Solutions

  • POS terminal firmware & software
  • Loyalty & reward systems
  • Mobile payment solutions
  • Mobile wallets & NFC payment apps
  • Invoicing software